Being focused on its mission to provide high-end Digital Health products, Gnomon Informatics SA extends the range of available solutions in the maritime sector and introduces BlueHealthPass which aims to provide holistic digital healthcare services to the seafarers. 

Seafarers in freight and cruise ships frequently engage in their duties for several months, during which they work and live in unstable and limited accommodation areas, often exposed to severe environmental conditions and suffer from stress, lack of physical exercises, irregular nutrition, etc. In these circumstances, various physical and mental disorders, not revealed by a medical assessment ashore, may develop unnoticed, often resulting in sudden health deterioration, which requires vessels to divert from their original routes – a rather expensive operation, both in terms of financial expenses and environmental pollution. 

BlueHealthPass is the answer to all above challenges. This platform is an extension of eHealthPass by Gnomon Informatics SA, an already existing patient-centered digital healthcare solution that:

  • allows users to carry their personal health records on their mobile phone and share them
  • provides connectivity with medical devices (IoT) 
  • helps them take daily measurements (e.g. temperature)
  • enables the remote health monitoring
  • seafarers have the benefit of a personalized careplan and medical advice in real time
  • provides easy access to doctors via teleconference 
  • minimizes the recovery time 
  • reduces the losses
  • helps seafarers update their medical certificates faster and easier 

Gnomon Informatics SA is looking to partner with maritime companies that are interested in providing their feedback on the specialised needs of the seafarers and the health-related regulatory framework of the maritime industry. 

In exchange, Gnomon Informatics SA will provide 1 year free of charge license for using the BlueHealthPass solution. 

Contact info: 

Dr. Fotis Gonidis
Project Manager, Gnomon Informatics SA
[email protected]
p: +30 210 7001635 (305 int.)