eHealthPass for your business

eHealthPass is a multifunctional platform that can maintain your business up to date. Expand your clientele by incorporating the latest healthcare and digitization standards and by leveraging the advantages of the adoption of the ICT domain into a single platform.


Leveraging digital health tools and services

  • Virtual Visits, patients’ health monitoring, less visits to institutional care
  • Consumer satisfaction Increase, medication adherence improvement, better patients’ health tracking & monitoring

Promoting data interoperability to unlock new services for the consumers’ benefit

  • One-stop access to medical information
  • Ensure data access control

Insurance companies

  • Telemonitoring services
  • Wellness services with:
    • Dieticians
    • Trainers
  • Home care service for:
    • Elders
    • Those who recover after surgery
    • Collaborating with Health Care Providers
  • A policyholder platform for appointments in healthcare services with contracted (and interconnected) healthcare organizations
  • Management and reports with healthcare providers

Tourist Enterprise

  • Tourists safe stay in the hotel unit, with contact monitoring
  • Tourists management with frequent symptom questionnaires
  • Remote videoconference with a healthcare professional in case of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Remote care plan from a healthcare professional
  • Contact monitoring, after user’s consent, in the instance of a positive case, so that the hotel unit takes all the necessary disinfection measures

What eHealthPass offers

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eHealthPass Certifications & standards

CE certified for a class II medical device (MDD 93/42).

This internationally agreed standard sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry. 


NCP-B Certified
The only NCP compliant
application globally


eHealth Interoperability

Cross border eHealth interoperability leaders
A ten+ year experience in the European cross border digital services infrastructure

Facilities that already use eHealthPass

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