Heart failure case study provides a unified and reusable platform solution where target groups include patients belonging mostly to the ACC/AHA Stage B – NYHA Class I, ACC/AHA Stage C – NYHA Class II and ACC/AHA Class III. Family carers, health and care professionals and decision makers are also taken into account.

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  • Improve the self-management of heart failure prevention
  • Provide strengthened evidence base on health outcomes & QoL from the use of ICT in new care models, in compliance with all data protection requirements
  • Improve the services but also keeping a business concept
  • Leverage the complexity of various healthcare systems under one unique platform
  • Improve the impact in several facets of the eHealth domain


Heart failure case study is a holistic and unified solution for the management of Chronic Heart Failure. Some of its main components include personalized self-assessment tools, AI prediction models, adherence feedback, virtual assistance and remote support. Wearables IoT devices are also integrated with this platform. On same time, this solution provides a secured clinical documents and data sharing pathway, always in compliance with all related security and National & European regulations.

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  • Early detection and secondary prevention
  • Care, treatment and follow-up


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  • Living with Chronic Heart Failure at home
  • Data management
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