The health authorities represented in the current project are adopting intelligent solutions that monitor and interact with patients in a cost-effective and efficient way and provide better and more personalized services for patients, with a range of prevalent health conditions. At the core of their efforts is the proactive management of essential hypertension supported by ICT. We provide better health and care services for their patients, ranging from early detection, primary and secondary prevention of hypertension and its complications, and improved management of long-term conditions. Special emphasis is put on risk assessment, in particular risk of cardiovascular and heart disease, therapy optimization, improving patients’ adherence to treatment, and monitoring and reporting quality and outcomes.

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The ageing of the population together with the growing burden of chronic conditions and multi-morbidity are steadily increasing demand for health and care. An area of substantial opportunity for health providers is to improve care and prevention of hypertension. For national and regional health providers, proactive management of essential hypertension is key to limiting the growing resources required to tackle complications of hypertension. Hypertension is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and chronic kidney disease. At the same time, health and social care systems must develop a better integrated approach to enable more effective care delivery and to confront the complexity of different services which patients are now expected to navigate. It is widely recognized that health systems need to shift from treatment to health promotion and disease prevention, from a focus on disease to a focus on well-being and individuals, and from service fragmentation to the integration and coordination of services along the continuum of care. This shift can be supported by an ever-increasing volume of health data. Making this data available to patients, physicians and healthcare authorities and its use in ICT-based support systems is crucialforthe continuous improvementof diagnosis, treatment, and the personalization of care.


Our solution’s main concept is to design, implement and validate methods and tools that will improve patients’ adherence to hypertension care plan and to improve clinical practice and advance clinical research. It is consisted of early detection and prevention services, patient outcome analytics services, adherence optimization services, personalized guidance and decision support features, hypertension monitoring interfaces for the HCPs, patient empowerment services, entertainment and social life services, and training – education services.

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For patients:

  • Increased knowledge of the condition
  • Improved level of hypertension management
  • integration of care among care givers
  • Increased role of patients in their own care and effective self-management
  • Reduced incidence of hypertension-related complications
  • Reduced number of visits to hospital and clinician time (compared to current care)


For procurers:

  • Reduced time required per patient,  for  clinicians,  nurses  and other staff as well as other reductions in cost,  e.g.  bed occupancy,  laboratory  tasks,  expenditure  on hypertension medications
  • Availability of predictive data about patient disease and a strengthened evidence base on health outcomes and management of comorbidities
  • High quality of integration of procurer ICT systems
  • Improved quality management, certification and overall increased quality and cost-effectiveness of the healthcare system
  • Reduced fragmentation of demand for innovative solutions,  networking  activities and increased opportunities for solution uptake

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