The work is carried out in the context of the MyHealth@EU pan-European initiative, coordinated by the eHDSI (eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure). MyHealth@EU aims to empower citizens by giving secure access to their health data abroad and to strengthen cooperation and synergies between Member States (MS) and MS and the Commission. Specifically, it enables the MS to provide high quality cross-border healthcare services to the EU citizens by allowing the seamless cross-border exchange of clinical documents (Patient Summary and ePrescription).

In particular, Ireland and the Irish citizens benefit from the experience and the eHealthPassTM suite of Gnomon Informatics SA to implement the required national infrastructure and interconnect it with the National Contact Point (NCP) for cross-border health using international and open interoperability standards. In particular, the eHealthPassTM.XDS is utilised in the national infrastructure to facilitate storage and seamless exchange of clinical documents. It conforms to the IHE specifications and allows national health sources (health organisations and agencies, hospitals) to securely store and exchange clinical documents. The eHealthPassTM.NCP-B web portal conforms to the eHDSI specifications and enables a) the physicians to request the Patient Summary of a citizen seeking treatment, b) the pharmacists to request and dispense the ePrescription of a citizen. The eHealthPassTM.NCP.interoperability implements the interaction between the eHealthPassTM.XDS and the openNCP node facilitating this way the exchange of the clinical documents between Ireland and the other Member States.

The extension of the collaboration is added to the long and successful track record of Gnomon informatics SA in providing similar services on behalf of the Ministry of Health and health organisations of Cyprus, Malta, Luxemburg, Greece, Belgium and Switzerland. This fact further demonstrates the capacity of Gnomon Informatics SA to provide state of the art eHealth interoperability and digital transformation services and strengthens our position as eHealth interoperability leaders throughout Europe.

Fotis Gonidis, Digital Health Product Lead
[email protected]

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GNOMON INFORMATICS S.A. is an innovative company headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece. It provides solutions for patient empowerment and assisted independent living.

History indicates a solid 25-year-old software engineering background, delivering important national & EU projects. GNOMON is the creator of eHealthPass, the patient centered platform that enables frictionless data flow across systems and clouds. Our company has the longstanding vision and inspiration to digitally transform healthcare, insurance and social care industries by unlocking the value of data and enabling the data economy.